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Booster Amplifier TBA1000/TBA1000-M Booster Amplifier TBA1000/TBA1000-M #91
Booster Amplifier TBA1000/TBA1000-M Booster Amplifier TBA1000/TBA1000-M #92

Booster Amplifier TBA1000/TBA1000-M

The booster amplifier of TBA1000 (TBA1000-M) which is a new model. TBA1000-M is an amplifier with operating panel. Both of the models TBA1000/TBA1000-M can be used with powder brake/clutches for tuning voltage/current from input 0~10V to output 0~24V. Minply products contains one-year full warranty and comprehensive after-sales support.

Unit(s): PC

Category: Tension control systems

About Minply Booster Amplifier

TBA1000 is used with tension controller and powder brake/clutches for amplifying the voltage and current of control signal.

TBA1000-M is an amplifier with operating panel for tuning voltage/current to reach the desired output force. 

*The size of TBA1000 /TBA1000-M is smaller than TBA900 / TBA900-M, and the weight is lighter as well. Moreover, additional function of halved output on the operating panel available.

Minply Booster Amplifier Features

1.      Amplifies the input DC0~10V control signal to output DC0~24V(4A)

2.      Dual shafts switching available, use OUPUT SELECT SW to assign PA or PB output.

3.      Output mode can be toggled between HI(high) or LO(low).

4.      Designed using PWM concept, provides the best output accuracy.  

5.      Make STOP junction ON while stopping to amplify output, and the stopping force is determined by VR8

6.      VR on circuit board needs no adjustment, it will automatically tune the output current value according to the brake/clutches.

7.      Comes with voltage/current control, circuit breaker, abnormal output indication, fuse break and many other protective features.  

Minply Booster Amplifier Specification





Power Supply

AC 110V~240V  2.1A  (50/60Hz)

Ambient Temperature

0~+50 ゜C


TBA1000: 1.0kg / TBA1000-M: 1.9kg


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