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Air Shaft with effort saving bearing Air Shaft with effort saving bearing #36

Air Shaft with effort saving bearing

Effort saving bearing is the beneficial add-on for Minply air shafts.
By making use of less rolling frictional force, the operators can load and unload reels with ease.
Minply products contains one-year full warranty and comprehensive after-sales support.

Unit(s): EA

Category: Air Shaft / Chuck

About Minply  Air Shaft with effort saving bearing

Effort saving bearing helps you to replace the cores easier and quicker, especially for heavy rolls.

Minply air shaft (could be lug or strip type, even others) with effort saving bearing can save efforts by low rolling frictional force.

In order to get the stable and high quality product, control system should be considered, such as tension control / brake clutch / servo motor and EPC web guider ..., etc.

Each air shaft is customized after understanding the customer's needs, and materials/specifications/special requirements can be achieved through customization.

Effort saving bearing is the useful add-on for most Minply air shafts!

Minply Air Shaft with effort saving bearing Applications:

Application areas may include but are not limited to:

Printing, paper making, laminating, slitting, rewinding, gluing, laminating, coating, extrusion, weaving, bag making, shrink film, label, biotechnology, pharmaceutical,

And semiconductor, chemical fiber, textile, optical film, copper and aluminum foil, clean room electronics, and other industries.

-One-year full warranty

-Comprehensive Minply after-sales support

Minply Air Shaft with effort saving bearing Features

This type is with effort saving bearing, effort saving ball is also available for option.

  • High durability
  • Professional evaluation design and manufacturing
  • Lead time normally in 20~25 working days
  • Production according to customer requirements, diameter specifications from 25mm~500mm or more, length from 50mm~7000mm or longer
  • Light weighted aluminum alloy or heavy duty alloy steel

*Please contact us to help you choosethe suitable air shaft.

Minply Air Shaft with effort saving bearing Specifications